Businesses with a consistent and properly established brand-message attract full engagement and wield a profound influence.

Who prints anything anymore?

Is this the question you might be asking yourself right now? To answer your question, let’s first address the definition of “Print Media”. This form of marketing and advertising utilizes physically printed media, for example magazines, newspapers, fliers, etc. Any hard copy printed item would be considered as printed media. Technically business cards, that you can physically hand out to share information about yourself and your business to potential clients and consumers you may meet on your day to day routines. Business cards are a form of marketing and advertising as they display your logo, your name, your business, contact information, etc. We at Artdell have the ability to design a creative and unique array of print media to add more flare and prestige to your business. We can design your business cards and make suggestions on the type of materials to use for your printing needs whether it be a high gloss, embossed, or uneven textured medium, we will customize a design physically and visually synonymous to your business.

Social media and technology is continuously developing and changing the way we reach out to current and potential clients. Digital marketing and advertising has helped get information to potential clients quickly and efficiently, but now that less print advertising is taking place, it makes it the prefect option to make your business stand out.


With less printed adverting you have the opportunity to be more noticeable, for example, many businesses are utilizing email marketing and advertising over the use of direct mail. The cause and effect is less physical mail being delivered to homes. Consumers spend more time going through each piece of mail as they are no longer bombarded with mailed advertising and marketing leaflets. Instead of throwing away a stack full of ads, the consumer will spend more time analyzing the contents they received in the mail, as there isn’t as much physical mail received these days.

So, set yourself apart with print marketing and advertising, stand out with your mailings for your marketing and advertising needs. Have unique customized business cards that reflect the passion and creativity that your business delivers. Another thing to note is that the use of variable printing allows for the use of less costly printing options for all printed media options. Printed hard copy of marketing and advertising use to be costly, but this is no longer the case, it is now a cost effective option to set apart your business and to separate yourself from the competition.

Our core values

We are proud of what we do. Every project is considered our own. Fine art to commercial art is our work history. We strive on paying attention to details. Providing technical and artistic testing to all completed projects. We test all web projects on different browsers and operating systems. Optimization to all the mobile devices and smart phones is our most advanced accomplishment.

Fulfilling client requests is our top priority.

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