Privacy Policy

Protect yourself and your client’s through the use of a privacy policy. As you know, most every website utilizes and incorporates a privacy policy.  You may be asking how this is important to marketing and advertising.  A privacy policy acts as a disclosure statement to any individuals visiting your website, with this disclosure statement you are telling your visitors how their information is being protected and used as they visit your website.  In the world of online hackers and identity theft this is important information to have established and available for your website visitors.


You are explaining how your website visitors’ information will be used and not used in marketing, advertising, sharing of information and how any and all information may or may not be used.  You also want to protect yourself by utilizing a privacy policy customized to your website.  Simply copying and pasting a privacy policy from somewhere else on the web or from another website can do more harm than good. If your privacy policy does not correctly portray the privacy tactics you have in place, you could be helped liable on a legal stance.  Also, you should keep in mind that you will need to update your privacy policy as your business grows and changes.  Put your customer’s mind at ease with the proper privacy policy.  Please keep in mind that you can be sued and held legally liable if your do not portray truthful information within your privacy policy.


If you are unsure about your current privacy policy and wish to protect your business on every front, please contact Artdell today, and we can not only review your policy and make any recommendations, but we can also custom design your own privacy policy to your business.  Stay legal with your marketing and advertising techniques by protecting information you gather from website visitors.  Always stay up to date on your privacy policy and update it as soon as any changes within your business are made that may affect the privacy policy.  If you have any further questions or concerns in regards to creating a privacy policy or an existing privacy policy please contact us today, we are happy to be of assistance.

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